I am a passionate all-rounder (*1986), and love my job as a high school arts and crafts teacher, my work as a free illustrator and professional graphic recorder in the field of visual communication, as well as, pro bono advisor as a certified numerologist ICB in which I pass on my knowledge of the importance of numbers in counseling and coaching.
It makes me very happy to have found my calling so early and to be able to provide support with my knowledge to help people on their way.

I studied art and design at the ZHdK, and have been living with numbers since my childhood—where I learned very early from my family the wisdom of them. I live in Brunnen, on the shores of Lake Lucerne. In my free time I am close to beautiful nature: be it on foot to the summits, paddle on the lake, yoga in the woods, or on skis in the mountains; it is here that I find inspiration and the strength for my diverse activities.