CAMI connects and combines two ancient teachings of East and West. On the one hand the knowledge of pythagorean number theory, originated around 500 BC in Greece and on the other hand the ancient teachings of the Vedic Yoga, first mentioned in 700 BC in India.

Carina Bengel and Michelle Kamerzin have jointly developed a set of cards, in which the essence and essential force of these two ancient doctrines merge.
The result: 10 archetypal yoga exercises represented with the corresponding wisdom of the numbers 1 – 9 and the 0.

The affirmations from the theory of numbers can be experienced in an accessible yoga position for everyone.

Feel the wisdom of numbers in the body and the vitality of yoga with and through the message of numbers.
Play with the texts and images and let yourself be touched, inspired and moved by the cards…

If you would like to order a set of cards, please write me through the contact form the amount and your address.
The set costs 22CHF plus postage.