Numerology is a holistic tool that works solution-oriented and precise. Therefore, the numbers can be quickly and efficiently used in the self-analysis and personal coaching, as well as in team building processes, career development and in taking decisions.
The numerological analysis also clarifies questions about health, partnerships and relationships and provides opportunities for the private and work life.

The knowledge of numbers is a key to identify your personal tasks and challenges, as well as your personal time cycles. They show potential and themes of individual life and help to successfully and easily move in and develop to the rhythm of time. With this knowledge the numbers show you the way to a fulfilling life and provide solutions for all the tasks that life presents to you.

The understanding of number, time and oneself encourage an active, self-determined and self-responsible way of acting, thinking and feeling. As a basis for numerological calculations and consultancy serving the personal date of birth or other vital statistics such as business start-up, the date of a wedding, entry into business, etc., very much can be ascertained.


60 min 180 CHF personal consulting (including the analysis of the 1st data and a second, each further date will be charged with 60chf )
:: cash or on account , payable within 10 days after receipt

30 min 120 CHF consultation via telephone / Skype session (including the analysis of the data) :: on account , payable within 10 days after receipt

german/ english

Please cancel failure to comply within of 24 hours beforehand, otherwise the amount will be charged.