Numerology is based on the decadic number system according to Pythagoras and is part of a millennium old epistemology.

The numbers 1 – 9 and the 0 are telling us our history: our chances and challenges in the rhythm of time. Numerology is one of the fastest computing systems and tools for           self-knowledge, but also to a better understanding of our fellow human beings and of current affairs. The 10 numbers with their unchanging archetypal beings, give us answers to questions from all circumstances of life while showing holistic approaches too.

The mathematician Pythagoras taught already in the 6th century BC that ‘the essence of being is number’. He meant not only the counting side of the figures, but also the qualitative, narrative side of the numbers, in which each number is a being, who serves us with its archetypal messages as a key to our existence and to the rhythm of life.

From these accurate insights, we can (re)discover our qualities and our potential. They move us to fulfilling and self-developing in the rhythm of time.
Numbers reflect our lives. And life is reflected in numbers. 

As a basis for numerological calculations and consultancy serving the personal date of birth or other vital statistics such as business start-up, the date of a wedding, entry into business, etc., very much can be ascertained. By the archetypal symbolism of numbers numerology allows quick and comprehensive statements on our origins and destinies, as well as calculating the ‘correct time of acting’ because man, numbers, and time are each indispensibly linked.